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Where To Buy Affordable Designer Clothes Online in the UK?

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Even a few years ago, there were only two clear categories of shoppers: people who bought high street clothes and people who only bought luxury designer products. There was no such thing as affordable luxury clothing brands back then. But now, the fashion industry has changed over the past few years, and many new brands have surfaced that are both luxurious and affordable.

Here, we will discuss a few affordable luxury clothing brands from where you can buy designer clothes online in the UK.

1. Nike:

Nike is one of the most well-known and the biggest sportswear brands all over the world. They not only focus on luxury but also comfort. The famous swoosh logo has been a synonym of comfort and luxury. You will find popular celebrities and athletes rocking their trainers and outfits. If you are looking for affordable luxury clothing brands then Nike’s products are a great choice to buy. 

2. Chanel:

Looking to buy something that will definitely attract people’s attention? Then Chanel should be your go to. Chanel not only is one of the best designer’s clothing brands but is also one of the most recognised. They have products of different price ranges and hence we feel comfortable putting them in the list among other contemporary affordable luxury clothing brands.

3. Balenciaga:

If there is any brand that screams luxury then Balenciaga is the one. Shop Balenciaga clothing for the ultimate luxury. Their hoodies, T-shirts and sweatshirts are one of the most comfortable products out there. You will find fashion icons rocking their Balenciaga outfits casually. Their products are great for casual wear.

4. Burberry:

Burberry is one of the favourite affordable luxury clothing brands in the fashion world. The brand is headquartered in London and is known for driving trend-led statement pieces into the wardrobes of women and men from all over the world.

There are a couple of statement pieces from Burberry. One of them being their Trench coats. When you purchase a Burberry Trench coat it will forever be an iconic addition to your wardrobe. 

5. Canada Goose:

Canada Goose is one of the most affordable luxury clothing brands available in extreme winter wear. Their main purpose is to manufacture and design clothing that can be worn in extreme weather conditions. 

Buying a Canada Goose outfit can be a great addition to your wardrobe. The brand is a favourite among people due to its super product quality and effortless, understated minimalism. Still, the trend-led mens and womens designer fashion wear is in a class of its own. 

6. Balmain:

Balmain is a french luxury fashion brand that should definitely be on your radar if you are a fan of ready to wear high end clothing and accessories. Balmain has been around since 1945 and every designer fashion wear enthusiast will tell you without adding a Balmain product to your wardrobe your closet will be incomplete. You can shop different Balmain items online


Affordable luxury clothing brands in the same sentence is uncommon but if you search hard and long enough you will find the right deal to buy designer clothes online at the best affordable rate.

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