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Top Trending T-shirts Of 2021

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Are you trying to upgrade your wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends? Then you came to the right place. At Coules Clothings we make sure we’re stocked with the top trending t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, shoes, pants and everything that’s currently in style in 2021. But if you’re just looking to pick up some trendy outfits for the holidays, then look no further. Coules Clothing has narrowed down a list of the most fashionable and trending t-shirts of 2021 that you can buy within your budget!

Palm Angels

Nothing speaks trendy and stylish than our Palm Angels apparel. This Italian designer brand comes in a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose from! There’s a colour for each personal taste, whether it’s yellow, red, pink, purple or black. What makes Palm Angels one of the top trending t-shirts of 2020 is that they’re super comfortable to wear! particularly during the winter season when the weather gets chilly. But the best feature of Palm Angels t-shirts is that they’re highly flexible apparel. You can either put them on to be a trendsetter at a party, or pack them in your suitcase to keep as vacation wear during holiday trips.


If you want to wear the best, then go for the best! This high-quality, Italian design brand is both aesthetic and stylish. If you want a top trending t-shirt to impress your friends and family, Balenciaga will give you that dapper look you desire. Our Balenciaga line of t-shirts comes in a range of styles: X-Rated, MasterCard White, MasterCard Black, Campaign T-shirt White and Campaign T-shirt Black. Another reason you should consider Balenciaga as an option is because the fabric and material is designed with 100% organic vintage cotton. The sleek and form-fitting appearance of the shirts makes them a popular fashion choice amongst the young culture. What are you waiting for? Get into the trend and get in style with Balenciaga t-shirts.

Christian Dior

If you want the height of design and elegance then Christian Dior is your stop. This coveted designer brand boasts some of the best and top trending t-shirts that defines 2021 modern fashion. If you’re seeking a full wardrobe upgrade, there’s no better than Christian Dior t-shirts. The wide variety of unique styles the brand offers is second to none! Some of the t-shirts are not exactly budget-friendly, but if you’re thinking about splurging money on a holiday gift that’s slightly more high-end, Coules Clothing recommends you take the Christian Dior brand into consideration.


Fendi stocks a wide range of the top trending t-shirts of 2021 in today’s market. These amazingly stylish and form-fitting t-shirts will make you look classy at any social event. You can even pair them up with a jacket for a more smart-casual look or to enhance a formal attire. Either way, slipping on a Fendi t-shirt guarantees a new level of sharpness to your appearance!  If it’s a sense of luxury you’re after, then Fendi is your go-to brand.


2020 might be coming to a close, but there’s still time to catch up with the fashion trends that you missed out. Our team at Coules Clothing will help you find the perfect look that is both trendy and matches your personal style. Come find us on Facebook or Instagram and take a peek into all the best clothes and trending t-shirts we have to offer. Our store provides express delivery to anywhere in the world!

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