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Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands: A Quick Comparison Between Chanel & Gucci

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The words luxury clothing brand and affordable do not go well together. Luxury brands are expensive due to their high quality and brand value. But there are a few brands that are more affordable than the others. In this article we will mainly talk about two famous luxurious brands, Chanel and Gucci, and try to find out which one is the more affordable luxury clothing brand.

What do we mean by an affordable luxury clothing brand?

Even though the words affordable luxury clothing brands may seem redundant, luxury doesn’t always have to be expensive. Don’t get us wrong we are not talking about it being cheap either. The point we are trying to get across is there are luxury clothing brands that offer products at reasonable prices and are exclusive. 

Chanel as a Brand

The brand strategy of Chanel revolves around the highest quality, French origin, luxury, and heritage that dates back to the themes of 1909. It is widely believed that Chanel has reinvented fashion and focused on feminine elegance. That is why most female consumers prefer to buy Chanel products. However, another luxury French brand named Dior also constitutes the same strategy as chanel. But, the interpretations of elegance and the artistic styles of these two luxury brands are entirely different. Whereas Dior mainly emphasized femininity and is famous for its decadent designs, Chanel italicized their timeless elegance and promoted the concept of uncomplicated luxury by valuing simplicity over extravagance.

The brand equity and heritage of Chanel is built around Coco Chanel, the founder of the company, and her legacy. Coco Chanel revolutionised the world of fashion and freed women from certain fashion constraints. She was a feminist and wanted women to be able to dress independently. Freedom is still one of the critical values of Chanel.

Gucci as a Brand

Gucci, an Italian creation, was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Guccio Gucci fashioned a company to craft handbags, scarves, and bags. Although the high-end image of Gucci is built on craftsmanship and heritage, the two typical pillars of every luxury clothing brand, the sensual character of Gucci, is what distinguishes this brand from its competitors. 

For two decades until the year 2015, bold, sexually provocative, and conversational style characterised the communication of Gucci. This style was initiated by Tom Ford and continued by Frida Giannini. Shopping for Gucci is recognised as one of the ultimate luxury.

However, under the new management starting from 2015, a more subtle approach has substituted the bold, sexually provocative and conversational style. As a result, Gucci’s image changed from sleek, sexual, and glossy to raw, progressive, romantic, quirky, sensual, and geeky almost overnight.

Price and Brand value

Although Gucci is popularly considered a more affordable luxury clothing brand, the products of Gucci are not cheap in any sense. Gucci is known for its use of unique animal skins on its products. The most expensive product of Gucci is a crocodile shoulder bag that is sold at £30,000.

Even if Gucci sells a shoulder bag for a price that is more than an Audi A4, we are talking about all of its products as a whole which represent the famous Kingsnake logo. On the other hand, Coco Chanel founded Chanel in the year 1921, and the brand has been a favourite brand among people since then. Even if Chanel is not the most affordable one according to many, the brand still has a vast number of admirers who are willing to shop their products from all over the world.

Final verdict

After taking a careful close look at the prices and rankings, and subsequently comparing the product prices of both Gucci and Chanel we were able to come to the conclusion Gucci has more products that are priced lower than Chanel. So, we crown Gucci as a more affordable luxury clothing brand. Happy shopping! 

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